$4,000,000 – Motorcycle accident resulting in orthopedic, neurologic, and urologic injuries;

$2,000,000 – Motorcycle accident resulting in orthopedic and neurologic injuries;

$1,900,000 - Construction site accident;

$1,800,000 – Worksite accident due to defective utility vehicle resulting in orthopaedic, neurological, and urological injuries;

$1,580,000 – Bicycle/motor vehicle accident resulting in orthopaedic injuries and scarring;

$1,500,000 - Construction site accident. Lumbar surgery. Cervical surgery;

$1,454,500 – Motor vehicle accident resulting in orthopedic injuries and early retirement;

$1,450,000 - Newspaper deliveryman struck in head by bundle of papers. Neck fusion. Wrist surgery;

$1,410,000 – Wrongful death due to sale of alcohol to a minor;

$1,250,000 – Fall off of a ladder resulting in fractured vertebrae and inability to work;

$1,150,000 - Police officer injured in motor vehicle crash requiring ankle surgery;

$1,023,450 – Motor vehicle accident resulting in orthopedic and neurological injuries;

$1,015,000 – Motor vehicle/pedestrian accident resulting in orthopedic and neurologic injuries;

$1,000,000 – Loss of eye due to defective product used in tire repair;

$868,831 – Auto accident resulting in multiple disc herniations requiring surgery;

$851,962 -Motor vehicle crash, fatality. Case settled for all available insurance of Defendant;

$800,000 – Partial loss of vision due to defective child’s toy;

$759,000 - Slip and fall on ice with ankle fracture requiring open reduction internal fixation and second ankle surgery;

$750,000 -Motor vehicle crash. Lumbar fusion surgery; 

$750,000 – Medical malpractice resulting in loss of spleen and kidney dysfunction;

$685,000 – Workplace trip and fall resulting in orthopedic injury and early retirement;

$675,000 – Electrocution resulting in neuropsychological injury and diminished work capacity;

$665,000 – Motor vehicle accident involving intoxicated driver resulting in orthopedic injuries and diminished ability to work;

$650,000 – Motor vehicle accident resulting in orthopedic and neuropsychological injuries;

$597,000 – Motor vehicle accident involving hit and run driver resulting in orthopedic and neurological injuries.

$500,000 -Motor vehicle crash. 18 year old girl with lumbar spine sprain and strain. Negative MRI. Defendant appealed the verdict which was ultimately upheld by New Jersey Supreme Court. Ultimate recovery $725,000.00 after interest and sanctions on Defendant;

$460,000 -Motor vehicle crash. Bulging disc in the cervical spine. Verdict appealed by Defendant, but upheld by the Appellate Division;

$450,000 - Slip and fall by tenant on broken concrete at rental property. Ankle fracture with surgery and subsequent hardware removal;


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The information stated herein should not create any unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific factual and legal circumstances.

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